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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do a Home Inspection by Yourself
Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’re going to need a home inspection if financing is part of the purchase equation. A home inspection guarantees that there are no
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What Are the Most Common Defects Found during Home Inspections?
Home inspections are an essential part of the homebuying process. They’re intended to catch any hidden issues that the buyer—and perhaps even the seller—can’t see for themselves. Buyers and sellers
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Reasons You Need a Better Home Inspection
A home inspection is a standard part of any home sale. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, a thorough inspection is vital to your agreement. But sometimes, the home
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Should Your New Construction Home be Inspected?
When you buy a new home, you don’t expect any problems. You expect all its major systems, such as the electrical system and plumbing system, to work without problems. You
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Why Home Inspections Are Important for Older Homes
In a world that seems to be obsessed with all things shiny and new, there’s a lot to be said for buying an older home. Homes built in the early
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The Impact of a Home Inspection on Your Property Value
The dream of almost every American is to one day become a homeowner. There are many inherent financial benefits to owning a home instead of renting, but there’s also something
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4 Common Reasons of Corrosion in Your Home
Though many homes are currently being constructed using PEX, PVC, and other types of plastic piping for residential water supplies, there is still a great deal of copper plumbing in
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Best Ways to Winterize Your Home
It can be hard to adjust to the cold weather when winter sets in, which is why people make sure they’re prepared by keeping window scrapers handy, buying a nice,
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Main Qualities to Look for in a Home Inspector
If you’re in the process of buying a new house, you should schedule an inspection of the property as soon as possible. This way, you can identify any repairs that
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