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Common Items Checked During a Home Inspection

If you are buying a home in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, there are many areas of a home inspection that are pertinent in ensuring you have the information to make proper decisions.

We’ll explore some of the common items checked by a home inspector, shedding light on the vital components that can significantly impact the value and safety of a home.

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common items in a home inspection Philadelphia

Plumbing Inspection

One area is plumbing. Some areas the home inspector visually checks are all supply and waste lines and operating all faucets, toilets, and showers. Inspectors stress test waste lines by running the water during the inspection time. Reviewing these areas will assist the homebuyer in getting in front of any concerning areas. 

HVAC Inspection

Heating is another viral area that is thoroughly reviewed. The home inspector operates the heating system, confirms ignition, and checks the heating delivery system to ensure heat goes to every room. Inspectors utilize their temperature guns in each room to verify the heat is working and will provide the results in the report.

Structural Home Inspection 

Inspecting all foundation and structural components of the home will ensure no defects, signs, or movement. Additionally, the inspector visually examines the roof systems to determine the age, type of roofing and identify any defects and issues. This way, we can offer solutions for repair or a budget for future roof replacement if needed. 

Electrical Home Inspection

It is pertinent that electrical systems are inspected during the process. The inspector confirms the amperage of the house and makes sure the house has the appropriate amount of power to operate the home. They will also ensure the main panel is safe and all wires match the breakers. This is extremely important to ensure the safety of the building and identify ways to move forward. 

Cooling System Inspection

When the temperature is correct, the inspector will check the cooling for efficiency and functionality. They will also check to ensure the air conditioner is sized appropriately for that particular home. If the structure size is wrong, the system won’t work correctly, typically due to humidity or too much energy—another vital information area when purchasing a home.

Interior and Exterior Home Inspection

Ever wonder about walls, windows, doors, and ceilings? The inspector visually inspects these items, ensuring they are safe and functional. Don’t forget about driveways and sidewalks. The inspector visually examines the driveway and any sidewalks for safety purposes. These are all areas you’d want peace of mind with when purchasing a home. 

Home Attic Inspection 

We inspect homes from top to bottom, moving up to the attic. By inspecting the attic, the inspector checks to see if there are any leaks from the roof and that the insulation is properly installed. Also, the inspector can discover electrical concerns, such as exposed wires and electricity that feeds the electrical circuits. 

Home Insulation Inspection

Speaking of installation, the inspector will check for the type of insulation and the functionality of the insulation. Insulation is important because it protects the interior conditioned areas of the home, including air conditioning and heating. 

Basement Inspection

Two other areas include grading and water penetration. The inspector will check to ensure the house is protected from groundwater intrusion outside the home and check for water penetration, whether it is plumbing or environmental.

Garage Inspection

Last, and certainly, not least, the inspector treats the garage like an extension of the house – because it is! The inspector will visually inspect the electricity, plumbing, and roof. 

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Never skip a home inspection in Philadelphia! All of these areas are extremely important to assess the safety and structure of a home so you can make decisions for any necessary concerns and future improvements.

That is why investing in a comprehensive home inspection is essential if you’re a prospective buyer seeking peace of mind. The insights gained from this assessment can help ensure a smooth and successful real estate transaction, giving all parties involved greater confidence and a more straightforward path to homeownership.

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