Why a Home Inspection Is Important for New Homebuyers
Buying a home is a big investment for anyone. Most people expect to be in their house for five or more years, and this type of long-term investment deserves an
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Mike Shoots and Scores in Real Estate
Why Real Estate?  Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Mike worked for the Brooklyn Nets as an Operations Manager. Mike is thankful for the experience in sports but wanted
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Perks of Hiring Professional Home Inspectors
So, you might be buying a home. That’s great! Reaching the final stages of a new home purchase can be frustrating and exhausting, but now’s not the time to leave
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Different Types of Home Inspections
It’s easy to get excited when buying a new home. Sometimes, a home seems practically perfect, but a closer inspection could reveal unforeseen hazards. With residential inspections in Philadelphia, PA,
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