Roof Inspections

The roof is really the first line of defense against weather; a solid roof offers reliable protection from wind, rain, snow, and ice. Neglecting or ignoring the health of your roof can result in devastating problems including mold-like substances, damaged insulation, and even major structural problems. Roof inspections done by qualified professionals at Eagle Inspections can spare you the problems and help you rest easy.

When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

A number of different circumstances call for a professional roof inspection.

Before a Big Storm

Oftentimes storms hit without warning, but occasionally big storms come with significant notice. If you’re worried about your home weathering the next big storm, get an inspection before wind and rain hit.

After a Big Storm

Wind, hail, snow, and ice often damage roofs. A thorough roof inspection following bad storms will let you know if your rook suffered significant damage and let you get the necessary repairs made before any more bad weather strikes.

In the Fall

Winter is hard on roofs, but it’s also the time of year when you most depend on having a solid roof over your head. Winter is also the most difficult time to make roof repairs. Many roofing materials cannot be set down properly in freezing temperatures and working on slippery, freezing roofs is treacherous, which often means that roof repairs must wait until spring. To prevent spending a winter under a leaky roof, get a roof inspection in the fall before cold weather sets in.

Before Buying a Home

Don’t buy a home without a roof inspection. Repairing or replacing a roof is a significant expense and you never want to face that kind of surprise. Require the seller to provide proof of a recent professional roof inspection before signing on the dotted line.

What Can You Expect from a Roof Inspection?

Professional roof inspections typically inspect the structure, the materials, the workmanship, and interior.

The structure: Your inspector checks for any signs of defects within the structure of the roof, gutters, fascia, soffits, vents, and chimneys. They look for cracks, crumbling grout, moisture, sagging, and other signs of damage.

Materials: The inspector looks for loose, missing, or otherwise damaged shingles. They also look for other warning signs of problems such as moss, rust, and missing flashing and examine seals for gaps and other deterioration.

Workmanship: Roof inspectors examine your roof to make sure all work has been done correctly and in accordance with engineering codes.

Interior: Thorough inspectors will check the interior of your home for any signs of leaks including water stains, rot, and mold-like substances., all potentially signs of a compromised roof.

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