Welcome Real Estate Professionals!


Welcome Real Estate Professionals!

Your #1 Home Inspection Partner for Smoother Negotiations and Faster Sales

Together, with your extensive knowledge about real estate and our expert home inspection skills and careful attention to customer service, we can provide your clients with the peace of mind they need to buy with confidence.

What You Can Expect from Eagle Inspections

Home inspections play a critical role in overall client satisfaction in every transaction. It’s important for home inspectors to present the facts to home buyers while making sure they feel confident about their decision to purchase. Eagle Inspections help real estate agents close deals by offing reliable, non-alarmist inspections. Our job is to educate and we bring something extra to the table for every inspection, including the following:

Experienced, Skilled Inspectors

Our team of knowledgeable inspectors has extensive experience in all areas of home inspection, including radon, roofing, stucco, electrical, plumbing, and more. Our continuous training initiative keeps our inspectors up on the latest standards and tools of the trade. From historic homes to new construction and every home in between, we custom fit every inspection to meet the needs of the client and the property.

Access to Advanced Technology

Technological advancements make home inspections faster and more accurate than ever before. Our inspectors use the finest digital equipment available to test and measure the condition of every home they inspect. These tools include moisture meters, hygrometers, gas detectors, and more.

Detailed Reporting and Reliable Answers

Our thorough inspection reports are organized, easy to read, and filled with relevant information for the new homeowner. They’re also generally available quickly so the closing process can proceed on schedule. Beyond the report, our inspectors go above and beyond to ensure each client gets the answers they need about every property. We welcome clients to our inspections and are happy to answer questions, share information about how systems work, and even share our insights into the area.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our rates are competitive, our scheduling is fast and flexible, and our service is unmatched. From the moment you or your client calls to schedule an inspection to the issuance of the final report, you’ll receive friendly, professional, personalized support. You will love working with our team.

Trust Eagle Inspections

When you recommend Eagle Inspections to your clients, you can trust they will receive an honest, reliable, thorough inspection report that will inform their purchasing decision. When your clients feel like they have the info they need, the whole process goes more smoothly. Again, everybody wins.

At Eagle Inspections, we educate home buyers to make the best decisions possible about their potential homes. Real Estate professionals throughout the Philadelphia area trust us to serve their clients because we are non-alarmist home inspectors who truthfully deliver information without unnecessarily amplifying adverse findings.

Connect with Us

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Virtual and in-person educational classes available upon request. (Agent-only)

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