Electrical Inspection

The electricity in your home runs silently behind the scenes providing you with all the creature comforts you know and love. But did you know that electrical problems are the single largest cause of home fires in the United States? When your electrical system is working well, you don’t even think about it, but, when it’s not, you could lose everything.

Electrical inspections from Eagle Inspections are designed to prevent these risks and keep homeowners safe. During an inspection, your entire electrical system is inspected to ensure that all the components meet legal safety standards set forth by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

When Should You Get an Electrical Inspection?

A number of different circumstances call for a professional electrical inspection, including the following:

New Construction

All new construction requires a thorough, comprehensive electrical inspection.

Significant Remodels

If you’ve done any remodeling or added any large appliances, an electrical inspection is a must.

Older Homes

If your home is older than 25 years, it’s time for an electrical inspection. Many older homes show signs of wear to the electrical system. If you’re experiencing regular power outages and circuit trips, it’s past time to get your electrical system inspected.

Before Buying a Home

The electrical system is one of your new home’s largest and most hazardous systems. Getting a thorough electrical system inspection will alert you to any problems and forewarn you of any expensive repairs or upgrades that may be required. At a minimum, the inspector should examine the wiring and the electrical panel and test all the outlets, alarms, and ground fault circuit interrupters.

What Can You Expect from an Electrical Inspection?

A thorough electrical inspection will cover all the elements of the electrical system, including the following:

  • Switches and wall outlets are examined for damage and tested for proper function.
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are examined and tested
  • Grounding systems are tested
  • Surge protection is tested
  • Electrical panels are examined for correct labels, amps, and operation
  • Outdoor electrical systems are tested
  • Exposed wiring is identified and corrected
  • Double tapped circuit breakers are identified and corrected
  • Reversed polarity ground slots are corrected
  • Aluminum wiring is removed and replaced
  • GFCI protection is tested and put in place where missing

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