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Common Issues Found During the Home Inspection – Things to Know & What to Expect

When getting a home inspection, it is important to prepare yourself for potential concerns that you can find. This blog post will cover some common issues that may arise during an inspection. Inspecting these areas ensures that your home is safe and sound for you and your family.

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One of the first areas that may have some concerns is the roof, especially since a faulty roof can lead to numerous other home issues. The inspector checks for leaks, venting and insulation, compromised vents and gutters, the roofing material and installation condition, water damage, and other areas. Roofing repairs can be costly, so it’s important this area is thoroughly reviewed, whether you are buying or selling the home.

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Electrical Wiring

Another area that can cause concern is electrical wiring. Many fires are started each year in the home due to improper wiring. Some frequent areas that can cause red flags include frayed insulation, wiring not installed by a professional, exposed or damaged wiring, over-fusing, and more. The home inspector will review the GFCIs throughout the house, test all outlets, and evaluate the electrical panels. Getting these areas checked is essential for safety purposes and to prevent fire hazards. 

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Another important area of concern is plumbing. It’s crucial to have an inspection done on your plumbing system to avoid any unexpected and costly repairs down the line. Your inspector will thoroughly examine faucets, showers, drains, water pressure, visible pipes, and the water shut-off valve to ensure everything is in good working order.

The inspector may find plumbing issues such as leaks, drainage issues, outdated materials, etc. 

Hidden leaks can lead to moisture, which can lead to mold and rot. Keep an eye out for things like a spike in your water bill, low water pressure, leaks, and water stains.

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Another area to ensure is properly evaluated is mold. It’s crucial to thoroughly assess the presence of mold, as it poses a significant health risk. If any mold is detected, it should be dealt with promptly. Mold can be hard to see as it can be hidden in numerous spaces, especially around water-soaked areas. Our home inspectors will look for mold-like substances but do not automatically test for them. Upon request, we offer surface mold tests if you suspect mold in the home. 

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One of the last (but certainly not least) areas we will cover is the foundation, another costly area to repair. During the foundation inspection, we will be assessing various areas, including but not limited to cracks, leaks, bowing, water-wicking, and uneven floors. Cracking in the foundation is a major concern, as it can lead to various other issues. You should be aware that there are many reasons why a foundation can crack, such as tree roots, inadequate reinforcement, and natural causes, among others.

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Home Inspection Checklist: Don’t Miss These Crucial Areas!

The inspection doesn’t stop here. Many more areas need to be evaluated thoroughly, such as the exterior, HVAC, water heater, wood rot, drainage, termite damage, asbestos, and overall structure. Gathering this information, whether buying or selling a home, is crucial to ensure safety and assess costs. Skipping this critical step could lead to costly mistakes down the line.

Eagle Inspections are home inspectors in Philadelphia trained to examine various aspects of a home thoroughly. Remember, a home inspection is an investment in your future, so it is essential to take it seriously and be prepared for any concerns that may arise. 

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