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Preparing For Your Home Inspection: Tips on Where to Start and Laying the Groundwork

So, you scheduled your home inspection, and now it’s time to prepare your home! Deciding where to start can be overwhelming – we are here to help!


Home Pre-Inspection Checklist

Starting with a pre-inspection can provide you with pertinent information upfront and have any concerns brought to your attention before any buyers walk through your home. Whether or not you decide to make any repairs, having the information can help you with other areas, such as no surprises coming your way and listing price. 

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Ensure Access to Home and Prepare Your Exterior

The first step in getting your home ready for inspection is accessibility. Ensuring the inspector will have easy access to your property is crucial. Be sure to remove anything blocking water heaters, furnaces, and other important utilities. And don’t forget the exterior—clearing windows, doors, paths of any overgrowth, and putting away trash cans and other loose items.

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Home’s Interior Preparation

Working your way to the inside, a deep clean and decluttering is highly recommended. Some inspection access points include the furnace filter, stove/oven, and clearing entryways to the attic and any crawl spaces, which is extremely helpful. Be sure to snake any clogged drains, clear the dryer vent, and fix that running toilet!


Don’t forget to test what you can. This can include opening and closing windows, testing locks and light switches, flushing toilets, running faucets, etc.

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Safety is Key

Safety is very important to potential buyers. Replacing batteries, testing all detectors, repairing any water damage, and replacing light bulbs are just a few of the many ways to update safety precautions in your home. 


Prepare for Home Inspector Arrival

So, your inspector is on their way? Ensure all utilities are on, clear out the washer, dryer, sink, and dishwasher, and have any paperwork needed (maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc) handy. 


Once the home inspector arrives, they will review structural areas, the roof, any water damage or plumbing problems, appliances, electrical concerns, HVAC, termite damage, and any other area of the home for any potential concerns. 

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Preparing for a home inspection in Philadelphia requires attention to detail and proactive measures. Communicating openly with your inspector and seeking clarification on any concerns that may arise during the inspection process can help ensure a smoother and more comprehensive experience. This will give you a clearer understanding of your property’s condition and potential areas for improvement.


Now that you have what you need to prepare for a home inspection, schedule with us today

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