Why You Should Always Get an Inspection on Your New Home

February 18, 2021 blog

Homes are a complex collection of interconnected parts. When home inspectors look closely at the essential elements of the home, they also do the following:

  • Reveal Unexpected Costs
    The last thing you need is to discover the roof needs to be replaced. A home inspection reveals these issues ahead of time, so you can decide whether to proceed or walk away.
  • After closing on your home, theover Serious Safety Issues
    Inspectors look carefully at the home’s safety, including things like smoke detectors, venting, appliances, and GFCI electrical outlets. Uncovering these issues now gives you a chance to fix them before jeopardizing your family.
  • Budget Future Repairs
    The home inspection report gives you a helpful list of upcoming repairs that you can use to budget and plan for the future.
  • Increase Negotiating Power with Seller
    Focus on the significant issues and use those to bargain for a better price.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind
    Understanding the true condition of your new house relieves stress and makes it easier to sleep at night.

Don’t take a risk on the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Educate yourself with a reliable, affordable, and fast home inspection from Eagle Inspections.