Home Inspector Inspecting a House

Top Tips From Home Inspectors for Reselling House

Looking for strategies to help you get the highest price for your home when it’s time to sell? Follow these tips from the best home inspectors in Philadelphia:

Keep it Dry

Water is the number one enemy of homes. Anywhere water gets in, it causes trouble. Common areas of trouble include the following:

  • Roofs. Regular roof inspections will ensure that they’re watertight.
  • Caulking around windows and doors. Keep things sealed.
  • Landscaping. Landscaping should slope away from your home to prevent water from running in.
  • Sump pumps. Broken sump pumps lead to flooding.
  • Clogged gutters. Gutters and downspouts filled with debris are a clear water hazard.
  • Sinks. Check under your kitchen and bathroom sinks regularly to make sure everything is staying dry.

Keep it Maintained

Homes are a complicated collection of systems that require regular maintenance. Have your boiler serviced annually (every two to three years for gas units) and post the service record. Cesspools and septic systems also require consistent inspections and service. Careful records of all services will give potential buyers confidence that your home has been well cared for.

Keep it Clean

Potential buyers consistently respond favorably to clean homes. Things like pristine grout lines, stain-free carpets, power-washed concrete driveways and vinyl siding, tidy flower beds, shiny windows, sparkling fixtures, and clean baseboards are the small details that will make a big difference.

Keep it Safe

Potential buyers value working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and radon detectors.

Keep it Inspected

Home inspectors agree: regular home inspections are important. Showing potential buyers a pattern of consistent inspections protects you from unpleasant surprises while trying to close the deal and provides buyers with an assurance that your home is in good condition. Houses just sell faster and for more money with a pre-sale inspection.

Want even more?

In addition to the above tips, home inspectors say that at least one of the following issues show up on the vast majority of home inspections:

  1. HVAC issues. Underperforming HVAC units or systems that aren’t up to code make an appearance on nearly every inspection report. Do yourself a favor and have your system serviced before listing your home.
  2. Sketchy caulking. A tube of caulk costs almost nothing and is easy to apply. Freshen up the caulk around windows, doors, tubs, and showers.
  3. Wood rot. Use an eagle eye to spot wood rot around your home and make repairs before the inspection.
  4. Electrical concerns. Nothing spooks a home buyer quite as much as the words “electrical issues” on a home inspection. An electrical inspection will identify any trouble spots so you can fix them proactively.
  5. Water heater code violations. While bringing everything in your home up to current codes isn’t required, a water heater that isn’t up to code is a safety concern that gets a lot of unwanted attention.

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