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Expert Home Inspectors Top House Tips During Resale

Selling your home is a big project. Discerning home buyers look at everything closely and make notes of any and all repairs and accurate home inspections in Philadelphia, PA, can uncover issues with your home that can put a wrench in the deal. Home inspectors see all kinds of houses in pretty much every condition imaginable. Follow these top resale tips from home inspectors to make your selling experience smooth and hiccup-free:

Watch for Water

Water causes innumerable problems for homes and any sign of water damage is enough to completely derail a sale. Prior to listing your home, do the following:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Have your roof sealed
  • Caulk around doors and windows
  • Slope landscaping away from the foundation
  • Check under sinks for signs of leaks
  • Remove any evidence of past water issues

None of these issues are particularly difficult to tackle in terms of time or money, but they’ll make all the difference when selling.

Keep Good Records

Keep receipts and service records for all major appliances and systems. Providing inspectors and potential buyers with careful records communicates that you’ve taken care of your home. Boilers, septic systems, HVAC systems, and cesspools are particularly important to service regularly.

Do Some Cleaning

While clean and tidy homes show well, there are a handful of especially important details.

  • Grout and caulk. Dirty, cracked grout and caulking make an instant bad impression. Addressing these issues takes little time and money and avoids drawing attention to problem areas.
  • Mold. Some bleach and a scrub brush are all it takes to remove any signs of mold and mildew.
  • Power washing. Take a power washer to the exterior of your home as well as walkways and driveways.

Paying attention to these small details makes a solid impression.

Have a Pre-Inspection

The best way to avoid surprises down the road is to have your home inspected before listing. Big-ticket items like roofs, plumbing systems, and HVAC systems are the most likely to cause a deal to fall through. Finding and resolving these issues ahead of time gives you the chance to decide how you want to handle them. You can choose to make the repairs yourself or disclose the issues and adjust the sales price. Either way, you get the opportunity to call the shots.

Prepare to Succeed

Following these tips will prepare you to succeed in selling your home. Anything you can do to help potential buyers feel confident contributes to a smooth and successful sale. Eagle Inspections provides quality home inspections in Philadelphia, PA. Our home experts will conduct a thorough pre-sale inspection to help you identify potential issues and help you prepare to sell your home.

Home inspections are a good idea anytime. Your home is your biggest investment; take care of that investment with regular system inspections from Eagle Inspections.