Liela Rushton

Clients Come First with Liela Rushton

Liela Rushton

Who is Liela Rushton?

Successful Realtor Liela Rushton has been in the real estate industry for almost 2 decades. Her experience started with PMC Property Group where she managed and leased apartments for over 10 years.  Liela eventually transitioned into selling Real Estate where she joined The Condo Shop Team at Keller Williams Philadelphia. Her personal values and beliefs aligned with the culture at Keller Williams and the family atmosphere at The Condo Shop. She knew right away that Keller Williams Philadelphia was home. The culture, training, profit share, and environment make Keller Williams an amazing place to work which helped Liela to sell over $10M in Real Estate last year.

What is Liela’s Daily Routine Consist of?

Liela has a strong work ethic and works constantly! Sometimes 7 days a week! She believes that it’s important to be available to her clients and provide the very best possible client experience.  She spends her time prospecting and marketing on social media. She finds many of her clients by marketing on Instagram and Facebook. Liela prides herself on being authentic, a good listener and has a huge heart.

Service Area/Expertise?

Love Park

 Liela covers Philadelphia and the Suburban areas with a focus on Center City and the Art Museum area. She has a high level of expertise with the condo market in Philadelphia and is knowledgeable in all things Real Estate. She believes it is important to keep educating herself every day and strives to deliver value and the very best experience to all of her clients.

Outside of Real Estate? 

Find Your Soul

A Boy with Two Girls 

Although Liela is constantly working, she makes time for other things that she loves. These activities help make Liela an amazing Realtor. Four mornings a week starting as early as 6 am, she walks to and from Soul Cycle. That is “her time” and she takes it very seriously. She strongly believes in taking care of yourself first.  She also enjoys spending time with her family; especially at the Jersey shore.

 Recommend a home inspection? 

Liela always recommends a home inspection and believes this is very important. She always attends because it’s important to be there for her clients and know what exactly is going on, it makes it easier when going through the home inspection report. Liela prefers John Vellucci of Eagle Inspections because he is authentic and honest. He is always responsive to her, he is very thorough and level headed. He knows his stuff! What more can you ask for?

Eagle & Liela! 

We have worked together with Liela for several years. You meet so many amazing people in real estate and Liela is certainly one of them. In business, it’s about people. It’s about relationships. We, Eagle Inspections are so happy we crossed paths with Liela. Now, go check out Liela on Facebook and Instagram