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Why trust Eagle Inspections for home inspections in Philadelphia?

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Full-Service and System Specific Inspections

Comprehensive inspection reports covering everything from plumbing to foundation.

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Same Day Photo-Rich Reports

Clear, photo-rich home inspection report to negotiate and buy with confidence.


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We Help Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents

Professional services representing home buyers as well as real estate agents for a smooth sale.


Free Thermal Imaging Scan

Our infrared thermography provides detailed information about the home's condition.


Flexible Scheduling

Home inspectors will design their schedules on what days works best for you.


Competitive Pricing

Our competitive prices allows you to get the best inspection often less than what our competitors may quote.


Philadelphia's Full Service Home Inspections

Eagle Inspections utilizes the newest technology and training to give Philadelphia homeowners and buyers the best inspections possible. We use the latest equipment to assess the condition of your home, including digital moisture meters and radon detectors. With the help of these tools, our experienced home inspectors can find and diagnose any issues with your home.

Historic Philadelphia homes have unique needs, so we take a tailored approach to each home. The team at Eagle Inspections has the specialized knowledge needed for every type of home in our local service area.

Our Inspectors are experienced with every aspect of your home

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Is there evidence of leakage or damage?

Plumbing | Icon


Is the system sound?

Electrical | Icon


Is your electrical system safe and up to code?

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Do you have sufficient insulation?

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Wall & CeIlings

Is there visual evidence of leaks or sinking?

Radon | Icon


Are radon levels elevated?

Call us today for up to $50 Off our Home Inspection Services!

Eagle Inspections Areas we Serve

Eagle Inspections provides fast, reliable, affordable home inspections services in the greater Philadelphia, PA, area including the following counties:

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Our inspectors are at the forefront of the latest techniques. We take an individual approach, tailoring our methods to fit your home and your needs.

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