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Why a Home Inspection Is Important for New Homebuyers

Buying a home is a big investment for anyone. Most people expect to be in their house for five or more years, and this type of long-term investment deserves an appropriate amount of research, observation, and vetting. Many people look to purchase a house that looks comfortable. Unfortunately, what a home looks like isn’t the best indicator of the condition of the house. Hiring a home inspector can save you a lot of time, money, and heartbreak in the long run. Read on to learn why you should seek out quality home inspections in Philadelphia, PA.

Inspectors Won’t Be Misled

There’s a reason why a new paint job for a house is the most valuable expense—with the best return on investment—a person can make when it’s time to sell. As much as anyone knows they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, a person by their clothes, or a house by its paint job, people still do it all the time. An exterior paint job increases curb appeal of a house. If a person has a good first impression of the house, he or she is less likely to look at the building with logic and precision. A home inspector won’t be misled by a good paint job inside or outside the home. He or she may make note of it, but it won’t sway the inspector’s opinion on anything else, like wiring and plumbing.

You May Save Money

An inspector can help you realize where the home needs work or will need work soon. If the wiring is unsafe, or there are other problems, an inspector can spot the issues and point them out. With this type of full disclosure, you can feel secure in purchasing a home without any surprises. If the work that needs to be done is too extensive, you can walk away. If you decide that you want the house even with its problems, you can often negotiate a lower price. The seller may be willing to deduct the estimated cost of repairs, or he or she may do the repairs before the home is sold to you. Any contract that you sign to buy a home should have a home inspection clause that gives you an out if anything untoward is found.

You Can Avoid the Money Pit

Sometimes, people get so wrapped up in getting a home that they refuse to see the problems with the house. Some homes may require so much work that the amount you’ll have to spend to make it livable is equal to the amount of the purchase. If you have this knowledge going into the sale, there isn’t any problem. Knowing what you’re getting when you purchase property will help you avoid surprises like leaky plumbing issues. Going into a purchase with eyes wide open requires having a third-party expert come in to give the home a good once through. For the best home inspections in Philadelphia, PA, contact Eagle Inspections and schedule an appointment to look at the home before you purchase it.