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Buying a home is a financial commitment that will last a lifetime or longer. It's the biggest purchase you'll ever make, so take your time and make sure you get everything you want for your family. As a company that has spent years aiding clients in locating the perfect home, we are aware of how important it is for you to locate exactly what you're looking for. We treat each customer as an individual throughout the purchasing or selling process and are always reachable to resolve any inquiries or concerns.

Why purchasing a house at Upper Darby, PA is a great choice

You may be wondering why Upper Darby, PA is such a great choice for you. The answer is simple: it’s affordable and has an excellent economy.

The housing market in Upper Darby is strong due to its proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, which attracts many residents looking for jobs in those areas. As well as being less expensive than other cities in Pennsylvania, it also offers good schools that attract families with children who are interested in attending them.

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Full-service and system specific inspections

Full-service inspections include all systems and components, while system specific inspections only include the systems you specify. Full-service inspections are more thorough and can be used to detect problems before they become serious issues. System specific inspections will often be cheaper than full-service inspections, but they may omit important details or miss some crucial components of your home’s structure or foundation.

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Flexible scheduling

With our flexible scheduling, you can schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs. We will be able to come to your home or work and will be there at any time of day. Our service includes free quotes on the price of labor and materials, so it's important that we know what type of project you're interested in having done before we get started.

Our team is available for all types of projects: interior remodeling projects like bathroom renovations or kitchen countertops; exterior remodeling projects like siding replacement or roof repair; general maintenance such as HVAC installation/replacement/maintenance (heating & cooling); landscaping services including cutting down trees or clearing overgrown vegetation from around homes or businesses - even electrical repairs if needed!

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Home inspectors at Upper Darby, PA

In Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Full Service House Inspections employs licensed and insured home inspectors. Our team has a plethora of industry knowledge, so we can help you choose the ideal inspector for your project. We are committed to providing top-notch service and are happy to work with you.

Affordable, reliable, and fast results

We'll provide you with a thorough report on the inspection. We will offer a list of suggested fixes and address any queries you may have. Along with images taken during the inspection, we will also provide you a printed copy and a digital copy of our final report.

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Competitive pricing

We provide a diverse selection of floor plans and home designs at reasonable prices. We work hard to complete every task correctly and on schedule because we want to present you with the finest value on your dream house.

From start to finish, our expert design team will collaborate with you at every level of your project. Before manufacturing anything for you, we carefully assess your opinion about the things you want in your new home, and we then expand on it with our own experience.

We also provide a broad variety of construction services throughout building or remodeling projects. These include foundation repairs and installation, as well as roofing repairs or replacement, window replacement, door installation/remodeling, and other services.

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Fully licensed professionals

We have experts at Eagle Inspections that are fully qualified and excited to provide you with our great services. Our team is made up of trained, insured professionals that work very hard to support you in achieving your dream home.

Quality service for quality customers.

Given that our team has expertise with home inspection, we are here to help you with your project. At fair costs, we provide a range of services. In order to make your ideal home come true, we work hard to provide excellent service that meets or exceeds expectations. You may trust that we will finish any inspection swiftly and successfully since we are qualified and insured.

Here are the services that we offer:

The following are the areas that we serve:

Eagle Inspections provides Philadelphia homeowners and purchasers with the finest inspections available by utilizing the most recent technology and training. We evaluate the status of your house using the most up-to-date tools, such as radon detectors and digital moisture meters. Our skilled home inspectors can locate and identify any problems with your house using these techniques.

You can find us at (267) 538-2292: if you'd like to get in touch with us directly.

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