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Why Should You Get the Services of Full Home Inspection?

The home buying process has very few hard and fast absolutes; there are no one-size-fits-all rules for hiring a realtor, finding the right home, negotiating, or securing a mortgage. The “right” choice for you depends on various factors, including your family situation, your location, your finances, your experience with homeownership, and many others. That said, there is one thing every single home buyer should—must—do before any home purchase: have the home inspected by a professional home inspector.

Full-service home inspections are an essential part of the home buying process, and here are 10 reasons why:


The most important task of a home inspector is to identify potential safety issues with the home. Eagle Inspectors are carefully trained on identifying safety concerns such as radon leaks, mold-like substances, electrical issues, and foundation problems. All safety issues identified during the inspection need to be fully resolved before the purchase is finalized.

The Big Picture

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and it’s also the most complicated. Homes are much more than floor plans, paint colors, and decorator finishes, but these surface features tend to dominate the conversation. Much more important is the overall condition of the home and the health of its many systems. A home inspection will help you see the big picture clearly so you can make a truly informed decision.

As-Is Info

While we’ve already touched on safety and seeing the big picture, it’s worth emphasizing these points again, specifically in relation to “as-is” purchases. When you buy an as-is property such as a short sale or foreclosure, you assume significantly more risk than a standard purchase. Homes that have sat vacant for long or been otherwise neglected often have extensive structural and safety problems. A home inspection in these situations is critical as it’s your best protection against getting into an awful situation and gives you an objective, comprehensive look at precisely what you’re buying, so there are no surprises.

Sketchy Additions

Another significant focus for home inspectors is looking for additions and alterations to the home and whether or not they were properly permitted and completed to code. Suppose you buy a home that has had work done that does not meet local codes. In that case, you become financially responsible for all the repercussions, which you certainly want to understand fully before signing on the dotted line.

Budgeting and Planning

Buying a home is expensive, but so is owning a home. Homes need regular upkeep and maintenance. At Eagle Inspections, we provide potential buyers with a report on the condition of all the systems in the home. Our home inspection report will give you an idea of what maintenance tasks will be required in the short term and long term, so you’ll know how much owning your new home will cost. With the help of a quality home inspection, you’ll learn how much life is left in things like the water heater, roof, and HVAC system so you can budget for repairs or replacements and plan your financial future accordingly. We can’t eliminate all surprises, but we can help you make intelligent financial decisions.


Your home inspector is a valuable resource for learning about your home. Our team of inspectors loves to educate clients. We suggest you plan to be present during the inspection and bring your questions. We’ll talk you through what we’re seeing, provide thorough explanations for any problems or concerns, and even offer some maintenance tips. We’re experts in homes, and we’re happy to share what we know. We’ll also explain our home warranty options so you can add an extra layer of protection to your purchase.


Your bank and insurance company also have some skin in the game when it comes to a home purchase, so they can require a home inspection as a way to mitigate their risk. You might be compelled to have an inspection to proceed with the transaction.


While the home inspection typically takes place after an offer has been made and accepted, buyers can usually return to the negotiating table if significant issues of concern are uncovered. As a buyer, you should not expect the seller to go through the inspection report and fix every identified problem. Instead, you should use the inspection report to ask for significant items to be addressed. Safety issues, of course, need to be corrected, but expensive repairs should also be brought to the table. You can request the seller make the repairs or ask for a price concession so you can make the repairs yourself.

A Way Out

Adding a home inspection into the closing process gives you a way out of the deal if something is uncovered that makes you uncomfortable.

New Home Building Inspection

Peace of Mind

Buying a home is a big deal. It’s a lot of money and where you live has a significant impact on your life. You wouldn’t buy a used car without first taking it for a drive and having it looked at by a mechanic you trust, and purchasing a home is no different. A quality residential home inspection from Eagle Inspections will help you buy with confidence. You’ll sleep better in your new home knowing that a member of our team inspected it.

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