Easy Winter Home Inspection in Philadelphia, PA

Why Get Your Home Inspected in Winter?

Winter is tough on homes. Cold temperatures, high winds, snow, ice, and hail all take their toll. And, when something goes wrong during the winter, it can be difficult to get repairs accomplished in a timely fashion. In addition, weather conditions may completely preclude certain repairs, requiring you to make do until spring.

The single most important thing you can do to protect your home from the harsh realities of a Pennsylvania winter and keep your family safe, dry, and warm is to have a winter home inspection in Philadelphia. Expert home inspectors will visit your home, perform a thorough residential inspection, and let you know what you need to do to get your house prepared for winter.

The following are 5 excellent reasons to get a winter home inspection:

Your Roof Needs to Have Integrity

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against winter weather. It should be intact and free from cracks, holes, and missing or broken shingles. Inspectors will examine your roof for any signs of wear, damage, or leaks and make the necessary repairs. It’s important to know that many roof repairs have to wait until spring; cold temps and treacherous conditions prohibit many roof repairs during winter months.

Inspectors will also check your gutters, soffits, flashing, and other components to make sure they are intact and working properly.

Your Heating System Needs to Work

It gets cold around here. If, like most folks, you wait to click on your furnace until the first sign of freezing temps only to discover that it isn’t working, you could wait weeks for repairs. A professional home inspector will test your furnace before you need it so it will work properly when you do.

Your Plumbing System Needs Some TLC

Home inspectors will do two important things to prepare your plumbing system for winter. First, they will inspect your water heater. Cold showers are never fun, but they are particularly obnoxious when it’s freezing outside. Second, they’ll inspect your pipes. Frozen pipes can be a disaster. At best, they block your access to water until they thaw; at worst, they crack and burst, flooding your home with freezing cold water. Closely examining your pipes for signs of leaks and suggesting insulation for areas at high risk for freezing will keep your water running smoothly all winter long.

Your Insulation Might Need a Boost

You’ll save money and stay warmer if your home is appropriately insulated and well-sealed. Home inspectors will take a look at your insulation and check it for damage. They’ll also measure it to ensure that it is providing the recommended R-levels; insulation can compact over time, resulting in you having less insulation than you think you do. Fall and early winter are also good times to test that windows, doors, electrical outlets, and other areas are tightly sealed. Low outdoor temps make it easy to find cold spots in your home that might need additional insulation or sealing.

Your Fireplaces and Chimneys Need to Be in Top Shape

Log fires, gas fireplaces, and wood stoves are all lovely ways to keep your home toasty warm and super cozy this winter. A home inspection will ensure that all your fireplaces and chimneys are safe and in good working order.

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