Whole Home Inspections in Philadelphia, PA

Things to Expect from Home Inspection Reports

Your home is a big investment; for most homeowners, it’s likely the biggest investment made in a lifetime. Protecting that investment is critical and whole home inspections in Philadelphia, PA, are an important tool to that end. Home inspections are most often obtained when purchasing a new home, but any homeowner anytime can schedule an inspection as part of a regular home maintenance program. The inspector’s report gives you valuable insight into your home, helps you stay on top of potential problems, and makes it easier for you to anticipate repairs down the road and budget accordingly.

That said, a home inspection report can be overwhelming; it can look like a giant, pages-long list of everything that is or could be wrong with your home. To help you make the most of your report and prioritize your response, here are 2 tips:

  1. Spot the big-ticket items
    After digesting the information about health and safety issues, scan the report for the inspector’s observations and findings about big-ticket items. Expensive fixes including things like HVAC, major appliances, water heaters, roofs, foundations, and others are the next logical place to turn your attention. In addition, if the report mentions any concern about termites and mold, these should make it to the top of your list. The costs to remedy termites and mold can vary widely because the damage they cause can vary widely. If the report doesn’t address the extent of the structural involvement, be sure to ask for more information.
  2. Assess what you can do yourself
    Much of what your inspector may find is likely minor and due to the natural aging process of your home. Loose bricks, burners that won’t heat, or cracked caulk are small issues that can be easily fixed in a weekend with a few supplies, some basic skills, and a bit of elbow grease. Identifying the items on your report that are simple DIY fixes will give you valuable perspective on what needs to be done to maintain your home.

Don’t’ Be Discouraged

Remember, it’s the inspector’s job to find every little thing. A report full of red marks doesn’t mean your house is a disaster; it simply means you hired a thorough inspector. Your report from Eagle Inspections, your resource for top quality home inspections in Philadelphia, PA, gives you the information you need to keep your home in great shape. It’s a maintenance guide that will help you set maintenance priorities and budget and plan for future needs. Take care of your home; call Eagle Inspections to schedule your inspection today.