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The Time Taken to Complete a Home Inspection

Sometimes real estate transactions need to move quickly. Buyers and sellers often find themselves wanting to move things along at a rapid pace, and, in these situations, it can be tempting to skip the home inspection. Before you consider bypassing a home inspection, let’s take a closer look at how long a home check inspection in Philadelphia, PA, really takes.

Factors that Affect Home Inspection Time

There are two things to consider when it comes to time and inspections: the time to complete the inspection and the time to get the final report.

Actual Inspection Time

Most home inspections take between an hour and half to 2 hours to complete. Several factors influence the duration of a home inspection, including the following:

Size of the Home and Property

All other variables being equal, smaller houses take less time to inspect than larger houses. Large attics and basements can also affect inspection times.


The location of the home impacts the inspection. Homes located in dry, temperate climates often take less time on average to inspect than similar homes in wetter, more extreme conditions because drier climates are easier on homes than more challenging climates. Homes that are located in areas that experience major natural events also require closer inspection. Safety protocols require more intense scrutiny of homes that may be subjected to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, or other similar disasters.


Older homes often take longer to inspect than newer homes because code violations and safety are bigger concerns. Inspectors will closely examine the foundation of an older home to ensure it is sound. They will also take a very close look at other potential safety issues, such as the electrical system and the presence of lead paint. There are often more items to look at in older homes, so the inspection typically takes longer.


Houses that are rundown and in bad shape require more extensive testing and will take longer to inspect than their well-kept counterparts.


Attics, basements, and crawl spaces need to be accessed in order to be inspected. The foundation around the outside of the home needs to be visible and clear of landscaping or debris. The HVAC and the water heater need to be reachable by the inspector, as do water meters and other components. If access is significantly inhibited, the inspector typically will stop the inspection, request the changes be made, and reschedule for another day. This can delay the process quite a bit.


Some homes are more complicated than others. Additional items such as swimming pools, spas, water softeners, saunas, and other improvements will add time to the inspection.

Time to Get the Report

Once the inspection is complete, you need to have the report in hand before sealing the deal. Some inspectors have the ability to complete the report and have it approved digitally within hours of completing the work. In contrast, others can take a day or two to put everything together. Talk to your inspector ahead of time to learn their process so you can make your plans.

Is It Worth the Time?

Absolutely. Taking the time to complete a home inspection helps you negotiate a fair deal, avoid unexpected problems down the road, and sleep peacefully knowing you’ve made a smart home purchase. Eagle Inspections performs all kinds of home inspections, including residential roofing inspections, in Philadelphia, PA. Call us to schedule your home inspection today, and check out our blog for tips on how to make any home inspection go more smoothly.