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Seasonal Maintenance Checklist You Should Follow

You know that keeping up to date on your vehicle’s maintenance helps it to run more smoothly and efficiently, and it can prevent a future breakdown. It also keeps the car in better shape so that when it’s time to sell, you could potentially sell it for more. A similar concept applies to your residential property: The more effort you put into maintaining it, the better shape it will be in when it’s time to sell, and that usually translates to a higher selling price. Keeping your home in good condition can also help your residential inspection in Philadelphia, PA, go a lot more smoothly. Keep reading to learn more about what maintenance tasks you should be performing each season.

Spring and Summer

While you’re getting swept up in the spring-cleaning fever, don’t forget to use some of that energy to perform necessary maintenance tasks for your property too. With the weather warming up, it’s an excellent time to get some exterior inspecting and maintenance done. Check the foundation walls and other concrete or masonry for cracking or other signs of deterioration. Check exterior wood surfaces for weathering, and give them a fresh coat of paint or varnish if needed—secure loose railings on stairs and decks, and trim vegetation back from your structures. If you are able to climb up on the roof, check for missing or damaged shingles and check the flashing for damage as well. Make sure your sprinkler system is operational for the growing season.

Indoors, check both the basement and the attic for signs of leaking and water damage. Spring is a great time to do this, as there tends to be plenty of moisture at this time; be sure to check for these leaks after rainfall. Flush your water heater and check for leaks or corrosion. Check your bathroom and other tiled areas for adequate grout and caulking. Get your AC inspected before the weather heats up.

Fall and Winter

As the weather cools down, you need to inspect your property to make sure it’s ready for those temperature drops. Winterize your sprinkler system and any other exterior plumbing fixtures. Make sure your gutters are clean of fall debris regularly, and check it for any cracks or damage; make sure downspouts are diverting water away from the foundation.

Have your heater inspected to make sure it’s operational before it gets too cold. Test your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. Check your doors and windows for proper sealing, insulation, and weather stripping and inspect the areas around and under sinks, tubs, and other plumbing fixtures for any leaks.

While this might sound like a lot, these lists can be spread out over two seasons. Only performing one of these maintenance tasks each week should allow you to get through the entire list every year without any trouble. This can help you to catch potential problems before they get out of hand—and before you get any surprises on a home inspection report.

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