Man inspecting home

Reasons You Need a Better Home Inspection

A home inspection is a standard part of any home sale. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, a thorough inspection is vital to your agreement. But sometimes, the home inspector your lender uses does a less-than-stellar job. As the seller, you might notice that they’re in and out in a surprisingly short amount of time. As the buyer, you might notice some visible damage that you spotted is missing on the report. So, what should you do? Does it really matter? If you’re not happy with your first home inspection, here’s why you should consider contacting us for better home inspections in Philadelphia, PA.

Protecting Your Family

If you’re buying a property, don’t you want to be absolutely certain that it’s safe for your family to live in? A low-quality inspection could miss some major issues that pose an actual risk to the health and well-being of your loved ones. Things such as leaking gas lines, roof damage, and other major issues can put your family at risk when you move in. If you have any reason to suspect that the first inspection didn’t do a thorough job, your family’s safety alone is worth the investment of a second inspection. This is especially true if your agent arranged the inspection. Sometimes, realtors act in the best interests of their sale rather than what will give you peace of mind. While the inspector they line up for you may be certified and experienced, you could still wind up with a rushed inspection that stops short of uncovering everything you should know about the home you’re about to purchase.

Protecting Your Investment

Buying a home is a huge investment, and you want to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. You don’t want to move in only to discover a major issue requiring expensive repairs, do you? If the inspection you got on the property doesn’t catch things such as foundation trouble, roof damage, or outdated plumbing and electrical systems, you could find yourself forking over thousands more to repair these issues shortly after you move in. And nobody wants to take out another loan to cover the repairs on a house they just went into debt to buy.

Using It for Negotiations

When you walk through a property, it’s relatively easy for the sellers to cover up underlying issues with the property. A fresh coat of paint and proper staging can work wonders on a property’s appearance and give you an excellent first impression. But you need to know what troubles might be lurking under the fresh paint, and if the first inspection isn’t cutting it, getting a better inspection can actually provide you with a negotiation tool during the homebuying process.

For example, let’s say that our inspectors find the roof is old and will need to be replaced within the next year or two. You can take this information to the sellers and negotiate with them to reduce the cost of the home so that you can afford to replace the roof, or you can ask them to have the roof fixed before you buy. Most large home issues can be worked into a contract so that the repairs are done before the final sale, or so that the new owners can better afford to do the repairs themselves.

Selling Your Home Faster

Thus far, we’ve largely talked about the benefits to the buyer of a home. But sellers benefit from a better home inspection too. Not only can you feel confident that the home you’re selling is in good shape, but you can actually sell your home faster. Buyers don’t want to purchase a home that they’re not positive is in good condition. By getting an inspection from a thorough, reliable home inspector, you allow potential buyers to move forward more quickly and with more confidence because they know exactly what they’re getting.

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