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Prepping Your Home for Sale in this Competitive Market

Homes are moving fast. Folks are on the move, and the housing market is on fire. It’s a great time to be selling a home, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind or leave everything to chance. Here are two important things for sellers to consider in this fast-paced period of home sales.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home gives you the opportunity to present your home to potential buyers in the best possible light. This is especially critical today when many buyers are shopping online for a new home. Just like we all need a bit of help to look flattering in an Instagram photo, homes need a bit of extra attention to help them look good in online photos and videos. Professional staging and high-quality photos will help your home stand out from the crowd, so it will sell fast. The following are all elements of good staging:

  • Clean up. Buyers love clean homes. The COVID pandemic has made this even more critical. Your home needs to look and smell clean as a whistle.
  • Depersonalize. Pack up the family photos, curate your knickknacks, and generally remove yourself from the space.
  • Declutter. You’re really aiming for a home that looks like a magazine spread rather than a lived-in space. The more you can pack up and store, the better.
  • Repaint. Neutral walls are better for selling a home. Retouch scuffs and make minor repairs to walls, baseboards, and doors. Paying attention to these small details goes a long way towards making a good impression.
  • Tidy the yard. Pull the weeds, clear out beds that have gone wild, and keep the grass mowed and edged.
  • Add a few things. Yes, you’ve taken out a lot of stuff. A stager will help you add a few critical pieces. Green plants, fresh fluffy towels, and a handful of highly coordinated décor items will really help your home look pulled together so that it shows well.

Pre-Inspect Your Home

In this market, one of the steps that buyers seem to be skipping is the inspection. A home check inspection can slow the process down by a week or so, which is why many buyers in a rush choose to forego this safety net. While this is a poor decision for buyers to make, you might find yourself wondering why an inspection matters to a seller. The truth is simple. Chances are good that something about your house needs to be fixed. Houses are complicated, and stuff goes wrong or wears out. When the buyer moves in and finds a problem that you didn’t disclose, even if you didn’t know about it, hassles and lawsuits follow. A pre-inspection done by the best home inspectors in Philadelphia protects you from these issues and gives potential buyers an accurate, objective picture of the condition of your home. Being forthcoming about your home provides a high level of transparency in the sale and can make the negotiating process smoother, which helps you and the buyer.

Set Up for Success

Eagle Inspections provides accurate home inspections in Philadelphia, PA, to sellers wishing to prepare their homes for a quick and easy sale. Contact us today about our pre-inspection services and set your home up for success.