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Regardless of how many times you have purchased a house, one thing is for sure. Home buying could be one of the most significant financial decisions you ever make. 

One of the most stressful phases in a house sale is the inspection period. So many variables are at play, including schedules and several other parties. Additionally, keep in mind that after the inspection is complete, discussions might resume from scratch.  Knowing the components of an inspection and who is qualified to conduct one is crucial since they can make or break a deal.

What is a Home Inspection

Home inspection is a comprehensive assessment of the house performed by a licensed home inspector. This includes a minimally invasive assessment of a home's principal elements. As you see, a house or residential building consists of the following components: structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. At least two or more of these elements are examined during a home inspection.

The home and its components would be examined by a trained home inspector, whose main job involves the following: a) checking for any flaws, issues, or defects in materials or items; b) identifying objects that require repair; c) determining the services required to address the problems; and d) assessing the home's components' lifespan. The house inspector also analyzes the components' safeness and offers recommendations.

As you are seeing the property, you get to notice some significant structural issues; ideally, the seller would tell you if there have been repairs already done in the past. A home inspection, however, will give you more. It is more thorough and can identify issues that have been overlooked by both the buyer and the seller. In other words, a house inspection is beneficial to the buyer because it facilitates decision-making and prevents you from moving into an abode that will only cost you a fortune.

Best Home Inspectors in Huntingdon Valley

Philadelphia is a place with a rich historical background and whose homes require special care. Thus, we at Eagle Inspections approach property individually since each one has unique needs. Our staff is equipped with the specialized knowledge required. Home buyers in Huntingdon Valley, PA need not worry in terms of looking for a licensed professional who can perform quality new home inspections. Eagle Inspections has the best services available, which we do using state-of-the-art technology. Our digital moisture meters and radon detectors, for instance, are two of our best techniques for identifying any problems with your house.

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Eagle Inspections take pride in its high-quality customer service. Our company can provide the following:

Quality Home Inspections Philadelphia PA

Mainly, here are the areas we cover during inspection:

  • Exterior
  • The Roof and Attic
  • Windows and Doors
  • The Siding
  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Grading
  • The Foundation / Framing
  • The Heater/Boiler System
  • The Plumbing System
  • The Electrical System
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Basement/Crawl spaces
  • Insulation
  • Interior – Water Penetration

Nevertheless, we also offer extra services such as radon testing, electronic moisture detection, termite inspections, and video inspection of the sewer Line.

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Why Hire our Home Inspectors

If something is discovered during the home inspection that bothers you or  makes you uneasy, you have a way out of the contract. The house inspection normally happens after an offer has been submitted and accepted. However, if the home inspectors find serious problems of concern regarding the house, buyers are entitled to go back to the negotiating table. You have two options: either ask the seller to make the repairs or request a price reduction so you may do the repairs yourself. Don’t expect the seller to review the inspection report and address every issue found. Use the inspection report as a tool to request that important issues be resolved. Safety hazards need to be fixed and costly fixes should be discussed.

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Buyers of new homes are the target market for our most popular inspections. Expect that we do an informative tour of the property, diagnose the home's systems, and explain how they operate as part of our inspections. All issues that we can detect during the inspection are recorded according to the interNACHI Standards of Practice. We want to provide you with a clearer picture of the problems, so we also include a cost to correct beside each defect in the home inspection report.

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A lot goes into purchasing a home. It entails a vast sum of money, and your life is greatly influenced by where you live. Buying a home is similar to buying a used automobile; you wouldn't do so without first giving it a test drive and having a reputable mechanic inspect it. You may buy with confidence if you have a top-notch residential home inspection performed by Eagle Inspections. Knowing that a member of our staff looked over your new house can help you have peace of mind.

You can be confident that our Home Inspection Experts have the skills and tools required to address any of your worries regarding residential inspection services. Trust Eagle Inspections LLC in Philadelphia, PA and make an appointment now! Contact our team at (267) 538-2292 or through our email [email protected] if you'd like more info about our new home inspection services. We'll reply to you as soon as we can.

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