Full Service Home Inspections

Get to know your home inside and out.

A home inspection is a vital component of the home buying process. Regardless of their size, homes are a complex combination of systems that all need to be in good working order; pipes need to be sound, the electrical system needs to be safe, and the roof needs to keep out the elements. The experienced and professional inspectors and Eagle Inspectors provide a comprehensive, objective look at all the essential features of the home. Our report gives you an intimate look at the house inside and out so you can take the next step with confidence.

Full-Service Inspection

Eagle Inspections leaves no stone unturned during our full-service home inspections.


We take a close look at the exterior of the home to gain a general impression of the condition of doors, windows, decks, driveways, siding, and masonry. We identify areas of potential concern such as cracks, rot, and evidence of moisture penetration. If you’ve got grading issues in your landscaping, we’ll let you know so you can address it before water creeps in.


Our thorough, multi-point roof inspection will provide you with a clear picture of the current condition of the roof and what repairs and maintenance are in the future.

Full-service Home Inspections

Foundation and Structure

What lies beneath the surface is just as important to the health of your home. Our inspectors work to identify potential weaknesses in the home’s structure including foundation and joist cracks, signs of bowing, and other warning signs.


An interior inspection isn’t about cosmetics; it’s about looking for evidence of moisture or settling. Hidden plumbing leaks often make their first appearance as a crack or stain on the wall or ceiling. Our inspectors are on the lookout for defects that point to more serious problems.

Electrical System

Safety is the big goal here as electrical fires are a considerable risk. We carefully inspect every facet of your electrical system including visible wiring, outlets, switches, fuses, panels, and circuits. Our inspectors make certain that safety features such as GFCIs are present and functional. We may also provide you with a list of upgrades that will increase your home’s efficiency and safety.

Plumbing System

A flood in your home is no fun at all; water damage is expensive and difficult to repair. Our inspectors flush toilets, run faucets, test water pressures, and examine visible pipes to help you avoid costly and stressful water damage.

HVAC and Appliances

Eagle Inspections confirms that the HVAC system and other major appliances are working safely. During the inspection, we can answer your questions about operation and maintenance and our report will help you plan for future repairs and replacements.

Peace of Mind

With the help of a full-service, comprehensive home inspection from Eagle Inspections, you can enjoy peace of mind about your home purchase. Having inside information about the home gives you the confidence you need to take the next step. Call today to schedule your inspection!